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Coast Film & Music Festival


As the Agency of Record, K-Line Media Group launched the Coast Film & Music Festival through integrated public relations and social marketing campaigns. The objectives were to introduce the event to local and regional media and attract corporate partnerships with organizations interested in environmental conservation and incorporate the event as one of their key social responsibility programs.

Campaign creation

In the beginning, we created the event positioning statements and media materials from scratch. In subsequent years, we continue to push our message to #getoutside and #protecttoenjoy. We also choose a new, fresh and relevant central theme each year, create multiple campaigns based on that theme, and distribute them across various media channels and categories, such as film, outdoor exploration and environmentalism.


Millions of people have been exposed to Coast Film & Music Festival’s message and information each year through the clear marketing and PR strategy set in place from the start of each campaign.

The Connected Caroline Show Interview with founder Ben Warner


Capitol Records Digital (New Media) Public Relations Consultant


Together with Capitol Records, we created unprecedented and groundbreaking digital marketing campaigns, coupled with traditional PR efforts for artists such as The Beatles, Radiohead and Everclear with interactive games, and fan contests, even allowing fans to host these digital assets on their own sites. All of the campaigns were first-of-their-kind and the media ate it up. Radiohead was one of the first to recognize the potential of digital media and embraced it as a tool to reach fans directly. By releasing their Kid A and Amnesiac albums in quick succession, they proved that traditional marketing channels could be bypassed, and fans could be reached more effectively through innovative digital strategies. 


Together with Capitol Records, we created a buzz for the groundbreaking digital campaigns for artists such as The Beatles, Radiohead and Everclear with interactive games, contests and even allowed fans to host these digital assets on their fan pages. All of the campaigns were first-of-their-kind and the media ate it up.


It was through our strategic PR initiatives that resulted in widespread global media placement and bigger conversation on the changing landscape of music distribution. 

The Radiohead campaign not only had a significant impact on the music industry, but it also had broader implications for other industries that rely on traditional marketing and distribution models. It demonstrated that by embracing new technologies and engaging directly with their customers, businesses could establish a more direct and meaningful relationship with their audience.

© Jim Marshall Photography, LLC



Legendary Photographer Jim Marshall


As Jim Marshall’s trusted personal publicist for many years, I was honored when his estate approached me to help them produce THE HAIGHT: LOVE, ROCK AND REVOLUTION, a stunning coffee table book featuring some of his most iconic photographs from the 1960s and a host of new images never seen before. Additionally, my team and I were also retained to help execute and promote a multi-country book launch strategy, starting with the highly respected Photokina event in Cologne, Germany. We also helped organize a series of domestic book launch events across the country, allowing fans and collectors the opportunity to learn more about the book’s fascinating contents.

Finally, we were tasked with creating a campaign around the prestigious Grammy Awards, where Jim Marshall was posthumously honored with the Trustee Award, in recognition of his lifetime achievements in the field of music photography.


Starting with the Grammy’s, we created an aggressive regional digital and print media campaign along with working with the local network news producers for advance segments to air prior to the Grammy’s. 

For the global book launch in Cologne, we worked in conjunction with the PHOTOKINA teams to create a PR package including a dynamic book trailer and other media assets that were distributed to international news outlets for as much buzz as possible.

For the US book tour, we worked with Leica (Jim’s camera of choice) and other gallery spaces to be the perfect setting to showcase the prints from the book for fans and photography enthusiasts to surround themselves in all the brilliance contained in Jim Marshall’s photos.


Overall, our strategy was extremely successful in generating a high level of interest and excitement around THE HAIGHT: LOVE, ROCK AND REVOLUTION. By targeting key events and leveraging a variety of marketing channels, we were able to reach a broad audience of music and photography enthusiasts, further cementing Jim Marshall’s legacy in the field.

Producer of Book Support Video Sizzle Reels

Book Trailer

Sizzle Reel of Author Joel Selvin

Amelia Davis, Estate Owner, Jim Marshall Photography LLC

Brands worked in conjunction with Jim Marshall


Newport Harbor Underwater Clean Up

Co-Founder, Partnerships, Public Relations, Social Media


To raise public awareness of the need for an underwater clean-up at Newport Harbor in order to reduce marine debris and restore the harbor’s aquatic life.


We used multiple channels to promote the event, including traditional and social media, as well as the creation of video diaries with event partners for increased exposure and engagement.


SOLD OUT every year since inception; New Corporate Partners Every Year; Founding Partners/Sponsor retention

Nearly 12,000 pounds of trash and single-use plastics from the Newport Harbor

Campaign within the Campaign – #WhatInspiresYou, – featuring event partners discussing their passion for ocean activism.




The launch of an iconic model and "Fifth Beatle" Pattie Boyd photo exhibition was a significant event that showcased the work and life of an important figure in popular culture as well as those interested in photography.


Fashion icon Pattie Boyd was a model and actress who was married to two of the most famous musicians of all time, George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She is “Layla” and was also known as the “5th Beatle.”  We were hired to create a PR strategy to support Pattie’s first-ever photo exhibition in the United States, a collection of never-before-seen photos of Pattie’s life, love, and friendship among her famous circle of friends.


We used images from a book and combined them with a tailored press release to create a PR campaign. The press release was then distributed to various traditional and digital media outlets in order to reach a wider audience and generate media coverage. This approach is a common method of executing a PR campaign and can help to build brand awareness and enhance the organization’s reputation. In addition to her photos, we gave media and event attendees a rare opportunity to view the original Layla album cover painting that hangs in Boyd’s home in England.


The PR campaign was successful and achieved a viral reach, becoming a global phenomenon. This was due to the effective media relations strategy that was set in the beginning, which helped to generate interest and coverage from media outlets. This highlights the power of media relations and the potential for a PR campaign to have a significant impact when executed effectively.